International Workshop
Trisomy 21, Mathematics and Thinking

TR21 MaTh inking


We are pleased to invite you to attend and participate in the First International Workshop Trisomy 21, Mathematics and Thinking to be held in Zaragoza (Spain) September 7th and 8th, 2017. Our purpose is to present the work of some of the most renowned international researchers on the subject of mathematical teaching to people with Trisomy 21. We share with them an optimistic approach on the educational potential of Mathematics to activate progress and integral development for all people, including those with an intellectual challenge, from their early childhood to an adult age.

We therefore encourage the participation of professionals working with people with Trisomy 21 as well as any other intellectual challenge, especially in education. We hope this workshop, a world pioneer with these characteristics, be the beginning of new ideas and fruitful future collaborations.

Elena Gil Clemente
Head of the Organizing Committee